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Sattari among the Academics of Alborz Province Along with Fajr Decade:
Presence of startups and knowledge-based companies will pave the way for evolution in the area of agriculture

Sattari among the Academics of Alborz Province Along with Fajr Decade:

According to the information center of national elites foundation, Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, visited the agriculture campus of Tehran University and attended a meeting participated by professors and academics of Alborz Province along with Fajr decade, stating: the great importance of agriculture and potential capacity of this field in the formation of knowledge-based businesses and startups can lead to the realization of structural evolution in applied areas and growth of knowledge-based economy based on an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

He added: penetration of knowledge and technology into agriculture will be associated with change of perspective toward research and its combination with innovation of educated youth in the area of agriculture.

Sattari pointed out the solving of serious challenges in water and natural resource areas based on executive projects supported by the private sector, affirming: the most important problem in the water and natural resource is lack of executive knowledge. Surgery does not occur with the interference of the government investment, and solutions for solving problems will occur by private sectors and role-playing of creative and knowledge-based businesses since these countries are formed based on the actual needs and abilities of the country.

President of the national elites foundation reminded change in conventional strategies of universities and research centers of the country in areas of applied and commercial research, adding: by modification of their common methods and participation of startups and knowledge-based companies, which are established by creative students, universities can pave the way for applied and fundamental studies by supplying developmental and research budgets to solve the problems of the society with the hands of creative businesses and academics.

He reminded that agriculture and water problems and future of agriculture of Iran depends on attention to knowledge and innovation in universities and research centers, where special attention is paid to the creativity and innovation of graduated youth and creation of a proper environment for formation of their businesses.

In this meeting, a number of technology and knowledge-based activists in areas of agriculture and environment, faculty members of Tehran University and active researchers in areas of natural resources and agriculture expressed their concerns and recommendations.

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