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A Look at Technology and Startups’
The 33rd “Knowledge-based” is published

The monthly journal of “Knowledge-based” covers the topics of future economic transformation with the help of the youth, new technologies and the role of startups in transforming the society in its 33rd issue.

The monthly journal of “Knowledge-based” covers the topics of future economic transformation with the help of the youth, new technologies and the role of startups in transforming the society in its 33rd issue.

According to the information center of national elites foundation, knowledge-based companies are not small. They have become larger and have created a considerable number, especially in economy, development and occupation. Today, startups have been turned into a powerful arm for developing the economy and have created value and jobs for their creative and young owners. These days, not only the meaning of life has changed because of startups, the fundamental economic issues have undergone extraordinary transformation due to the presence of these companies.

Therefore, the 33rd issue of Knowledge-based covers topics such as newly emerged technologies, blockchain, position of startups and their key role in the economy of the country.

About Trust

This issue of Knowledge-based is started with a note by Parviz Karami, advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs and editor-in-chief of the journal with the title of “mentorship of startups” that emphasizes on the reliance on creativities of innovative youth with the help of startups.

About Support and Guidance

Solving the society’s difficult problems has been possible by the help of innovation. In fact, innovation can create value. Success is inevitable if the government will rely on knowledge-based companies in supplying their needs. With the same viewpoint, this issue of Knowledge-based includes an interview with a knowledge-based company, young and educated owners of which have been able to finalize a national macro project.

The national macro project of “production of national heavy diesel engines (D87 family)” has been fruitful. Today, Iran is recognized among the 12 manufacturing countries of heavy diesel engines.

Make sure not to miss the interview with Afshin Fahimirad, a PhD student in the field of mechanical engineering (orientation of energy conversion), an important and effective member in advancing this national project.

About Innovation Network

Once upon a time, an author claimed that all stories of the world have been told and no one can narrate a new story. From now on, it is important how to present repetitive stories in a way that it is interesting to the audience.” With this introduction, Melika Hosseini takes steps in the world of innovation and talks about the difficulties of the technology market. In this issue of Knowledge-based and this report, you can read a detailed report on innovation network and its challenges.

About Innovation without Border

The importance of innovation networks in the world is undeniable. Studies performed on this topic and successful practical examples have proven this phenomenon over the years. In this issue of “Knowledge-based”, we especially review the position of innovation networks and successful examples of the network in the capital of the country, focusing on the features of the networks and the future of the innovation network.


The 25th international exhibition of electronics, computer and e-commerce is finished but the story of knowledge-based companies and startups will last. In its 33rd issue, Knowledge-based journal assesses the exhibition and shows the programs, controversies and future of this technological event in a short report.

About “Blockchain”

Blockchain is one of the most complicated concepts heard these days. A few complicated mathematical concepts have attracted this much attention in the course of history, especially if only one-two decades have passed since their emergence.

Maryam Talebi talked about one of the most challenging technologies of these days (blockchain) and evaluated its features and aspects.

In another part of this issue, Sepehr Mohammadi, the chairman of the board of the Iranian blockchain association, talks about the benefits of this technology.

Moreover, Yashar Rashedi, secretary of the Iranian blockchain association, is another guest of this issue of Knowledge-based. Rashedi, who is currently the CEO of a successful startup in the field of information technology, talks about technological products of the startup and future of startups established based on blockchain technology in Iran.

About Pleasures of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Some of the fixed columns of Knowledge-based include interview with successful entrepreneurs, introducing their achievements and talking about their failures and victories.

One of the interesting parts of the 33rd issue of Knowledge-based is an interview with Amir Abbas Emami, the founder of “Karchin” startup.

In addition, an interview is made with Reza Zamani, the CEO of “Afrand Co.”, one of the successful businesses in the field of information technology and communications. Computer games that have countless fans are a part of activities of teams of this company.

About Health  

“Health” is one of the interesting startup fields emphasized by startup founders for some time now. In its 33rd issue, Knowledge-based has turned to the founders of Shafajoo startups, which, as the name implies, is active in the field of health. In this regard, an interview is made with Sogol Sabetfar, the 28-year-old founder of this startup.


About Book

 Similar to its previous issues, Knowledge-based introduces the most effective books in the field of economy and entrepreneurship. “Money” by Eric Lonergan, “Talking to My Daughter about the Economy: A Brief History of Capitalism” by Yanis Varoufakis, and “The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains” by Nicholas Carr are among the good books that must be read. The reason for that is expressed in this issue of Knowledge-based.

In some reports, the latest technologies are evaluated and special knowledge-based businesses and startups are introduced.

In addition, various reports and commentaries are provided on topics such as eHealth, new energies and digital security. In addition to that, other contents including films, images, sounds and texts can be accessed to by a barcode reader app of your smart phones.

The 33rd issue of “Knowledge-based” journal is published in 132 pages, provided by responsibility of Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, management of Sorena Sattari and editorial of Parviz Karami.

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