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About Trusting the Power of Innovative Youth

Secretary of knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter

Parviz Karami

Secretary of knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter

Crossing administrative and bureaucratic barriers is no easy task. Over the past two centuries, the bureaucracy has become a rigid system that is not only not a 'solution' to problems, but also is a part of the problem itself. Bureaucracy has always been the most serious obstacle to innovation every time and everywhere. However, reducing bureaucracy to a number of employees and to a set of paperwork and related terms is a mistake. The bureaucracy is a complex system that does not tolerate change, expands itself, and insists on the existing order, even if it is mixed with error and inefficiency. However, the most serious error of the bureaucracy is the imposition of heavy costs. Sometimes, inevitable administrative costs are so high that they make problems in other parts of society.

Two hundred years ago, we were dealing with a young bureaucratic system that was energetic, had big profits and wanted a new order in the world. While it ruled, it gradually became old and inefficient and plagued by rigidity.

How arteriosclerosis causes stroke and impaired blood supply to the body? Administrative-financial arteriosclerosis also disrupt the flow of energy in the body of scientific, industrial, cultural, and social institutions, causing fatigue, stagnation, and disability. Do you know how many percent of country’s income is spent on maintaining administrative systems? An office-corporate system is like a vacuum cleaner and devours all revenue, and ultimately does not help generate more revenues. However, there is no escape from bureaucracy and its order cannot be completely disrupted. This bureaucracy is the result of human experience, and it has kept human civilization stable for almost two centuries. Vigilantes of the world have correctly recognized the errors of bureaucratic system. While strategies have been proposed to correct the errors, there is no escape from them and they cannot be closed all of a sudden.

Nonetheless, the same human experiences that designed the bureaucracy two centuries ago have created an alternative system today that can operate, flourish production and transform the market at the lowest cost, with the highest efficiency and with the highest possible efficiency of services. When we talk about startups, we are in fact talking about a replacement system that does not have the disadvantages of an old, frustrated, paper-filled, costly, slow and lazy system and has the advantages of an innovative activity filled with joy and efficiency. Disregarding the clerical formalities, startups can make progress at a fast pace and bring prosperity, comfort, and aspirations to the society sooner that what is expected. Remember that the world has evolved and has given us the technology of tools and gadgets that require us to go beyond traditional office paths. With modern communication systems, there is no need for large secretaries filled with workforce and no need for thick indicator notebooks and adherence to outdated regulations. In fact, startups have been established to eliminate all these wasteful and obsolete criteria with innovative and up-to-date technologies and to provide research ground for innovative and technological designs. All the work that was done in a long time is possible today with high speed and precision, using modern and sophisticated tools and equipment. For a society like Iran, where there are many creative and innovative youth, startups can act as mediators and eliminate redundant administrative formalities and lay the foundation for production, service facilitation, revitalization of new markets, circumventing sanctions and avoidance of crude oils, playing an active role in accelerating the country's development and growth.

One of the advantages of startups is providing clear foundations for maximum participants. We can solve many structural problems in offices and factories through injecting innovation and technology. By doing so, we can move forward in the field of employment to a fundamental level, boosting national production and organizing domestic and international markets. It is worth mentioning that in recent years we have gained valuable experiences in launching startups, knowledge-based companies, and innovation factories and have achieved remarkable success. These accomplishments will not be complete unless the government believes in the ability of startups, innovation centers and youth power in the country. Instead of insisting on the outdated bureaucratic system, we must refer to the youth and ask them to solve the problems of the country based on their knowledge.


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