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Occurred in the Presence of Sattari;
Inauguration and exploitation of industrial technology projects in Alborz Province

Inauguration and exploitation of industrial technology projects in Alborz Province

According to the information center of national elites foundation,some industrial and technological projects are inaugurated and exploited along with the Fajr Decade.

Sattari stated that agriculture is one of the essential parts of the country for development, expressing: development of this field requires the entrance of advanced technologies. In addition, while some advancements have been made in the area of food, there are still serious shortages in these areas, including agriculture.

Presence of new technologies, especially information and communication technology, in the area of agriculture lays the foundation for creating many opportunities in the area of service production and distribution, which is considered unique on a global scale.

Inauguration of Modern Wastewater Treatment Plant

The project of industrial modern wastewater treatment plant with bioreactor method is inaugurated.

The reactor of extended granular sludge bed is a modern process with high efficiency in anaerobic treatment of sewage and industrial effluent.

Inauguration and Exploitation of Power Plant with Clean Fuel

The knowledge-based project of power plant with bio-gas and bio-ethanol fuel in research and technology group of Zar in Alborz Province is inaugurated.

This power plant produces electricity using gas obtained from the activities of anaerobic bacteria present in wastes and cereal residue.

Inauguration of the second Phase of Fructose

During the third section of visits, the second phase of Zar Industrial Group Cereal Refinery using an enzymatic method was inaugurated in the presence of Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, Shamkhani, secretary of higher national security council, Kalantari, president of the environment protection organization, Saleh Abadi, head of the board of trustees of Saderat Bank, and governor of Alborz.

The second phase of the power plant will be developed using the largest complex of deep grains processing plants, production of enriched food products (e.g., starch, flour, gluten, industrial bread, liquid sugar, pasta, cake, fruit, biscuits, sweets, chocolate, baby food, flaked corn, flex corn and animal food) along with large storage silos.

Zar fructose factory is one of the cereal refinery companies, producing various products, such as sweeteners, natural sweeteners obtained from corn (e.g., corn syrup enriched with fructose), glucose sherbet and different types of starch.

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