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The Paved Road to Entrepreneurship

Parviz Karami, advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs

Parviz Karami, advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs

There is no valley and the path is flat and paved. In the past, the path to entrepreneurship had many difficulties, most of which have been eliminated today. Determination is the only criterion to be on this path. All of these phenomena have occurred due to the booming of the ecosystem of innovation and technology. Several players are active in this ecosystem, including accelerators and innovation centers. Here, wealth is produced from idea and creativity. The path is paved. Now is not the time to dream, but the time to want and achieve.

The cultivation of new ideas in these centers is supported similar to a seed to crop, and innovative activities survive in this area. These centers lay the groundwork for emergence and support of ideas and creativity of the human resources. We can witness the gathering of creative minds and be hopeful about the future of innovation in Iran.

In the past, a dreamy valley would be regarded as creative ideas. This valley was focusing on knowledge-based activities and the emergence of new technologies, presence in which was the dream of creative people. Yes, Silicon Valley was once the valley of dreams in a way that some of our neighboring countries dreamed of duplicating this valley. However, these countries have overlooked the importance of spirit of innovation and technology ecosystem. A spirit that can be found in Iranian entrepreneurship space to turn that valley into a flat region. Today, we must await any gathering of creative youth with new ideas. We must await the creation of a business and formation of innovation and startup.

Nevertheless, you can feel a sense of hope and advancement in innovation centers and accelerators. These areas are very joyful and full of youth gathering around tables to talk about their ideas. A space that empowers these individuals so that they would not dream of Silicon Valley and realize that we have the same space in our country. This valley of innovation and knowledge-based issues has been turned into a flat space in our country, but how?

The Iranian instinct includes the slogan of “wanting means having”. This issue has been facilitated by more than 180 innovation centers and 80 accelerators. The center supports turning ideas into wealth. Risking new ideas for customers, testing new business models and assessing new technologies are carried out in these centers. In addition, the foundation has been laid for entrepreneurship and investment on new ideas. Development of these centers and innovation factories has many advantages for the country, including employment and reducing the rate of unemployment in cities. Successful patterns of innovative business are shaped by these centers encouraging other institutions to move along this path. Guiding this path will give youth confidence, stamina, and effort. Therefore, transformation has been initiated; a type of transformation that is based on creativity and innovation and ends with nothing but the development of knowledge-based economy. However, sympathy is required to expand the measures taken in this regard. 

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