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With the Support of Cognitive Technologies and Sciences Development Headquarter;
The first round of the cognitive neuroscience competition will be held

The first round of the cognitive neuroscience competition will be held

According to the information center of national elites foundation,  the first round of the cognitive neuroscience competition will be held by Tehran University with the support of cognitive technologies and sciences development headquarter and the Vice-Presidency. If the first round of the competition is successful, the next rounds of the event can be hold in other universities. the main goal of this competition is introduction and motivation of students (especially BSc students) for entering the area of interdisciplinary research in the field of cognitive neurosciences and creating the foundation for recognition and guidance of talents in this regard. In other words, these competitions will lay the foundation for introducing the actual issues of cognitive neurosciences to able students in various fields.

Moreover, reliance on exploring the brain and cognitive science and use of the capabilities of this field and inspiration from it is a necessity that the pioneers will understand the conquerors of the future world. Therefore, evaluation of interdisciplinary knowledge in area of cognitive neuroscience and unrecognized areas, that no one can find their answer alone, are the most important approaches of this competition.

The first conference of this event will be held February 14th-16th, 2018. On the first day, research areas in cognitive neurosciences are briefly introduced, and specialized fields will be presented by professors on the second and third days. After the primary conference and introduction of issues of the cognitive neurosciences, students will form teams and enter the competition. Subjects that will be presented in the competition section can be extensively evaluated in workshops held after the primary conference. In addition, result of research by various teams will be presented and assessed during Summer 2018 along with the final conference.


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