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Developing policies, plans and programs and to design new systems in order to achieve the foundation goals with the approach of outsourcing activities.
Collect, analyze and update data and statistics, within the framework of Foundation tasks and responsibilities.
Supervising the implementation and coordination of projects and programs of the Foundation and providing reports to the Vice President of the Foundation in the area of mission planning.
To prepare detailed planning and organization of the Foundation and supervising the implementation of it.
Manpower planning, recruitment, retention and use of personnel and oversee matters relating to the classification, job evaluation, pay system and employee performance evaluation system.
Monitoring the financial capacities, administrative facilities and manpower and coordinating functions under the supervision.
Planning and monitoring the implementation of the Foundation’s information systems and updating them regularly.
Development of the implementation of operational planning studies, preparation of the annual budget, developing indicators and criteria development programs.
Supervising the implementation of legislation and administrative regulations and financial, employment, welfare services, budget and statistical data issued by the competent authorities.
Planning for the provision of support services and assets needed by headquarters and provincial institutions and supervise their implementation.
Planning and measures necessary to maintain ownership, maintenance, equipping and modernization of fundamental physical facilities.
Planning and measures necessary to receive funds, and ensuring timely attainment of foundation's specific incomes and public grants
Determining law enforcement policy, guiding and supervising the preparation of operating procedures designed to improve and expedite the Legal Foundation.
Investigation and legal opinion about the bills and laws relating to the duties and responding to legal inquiries of the Foundation.
Approving and ordering financial payments within given authority based on financial criteria and approved programs.
Planning a comprehensive performance evaluation system by developing indicators and standards in line with the goals of the Foundation and measuring the improvement of performance and to evaluate the efficiency of each unit.
Making contracts for the purchase of individuals and legal entities under delegated powers, rules and regulations and how to monitor their implementation and progress.
Developing guidelines, circulars and proclamations related to the Deputy.
Evaluating and identifying the existing problems and deficiencies and proposing laws and regulations and amendments to the competent authorities.
Planning and supervision of the elites’ affairs in executive units and implementation of policies and regulations enacted in those units.
Employment and manpower utilization permitted by laws and regulations according to the credit of references.
Supervision activities related to the procurement requirements of the Foundation.
Professional development and leadership of councils and working groups related to human resources.
Holding biddings and auctions and participation in commissions related.
Collaboration with other regions in order to create synergy fulfilling the Foundation’s mission.
Participation in councils, commissions, meetings and comment on the regulations in the framework of the interests of the Foundation.
Proposing appointment and dismissal of the executives of the deputy district to the chief of the Foundation.

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