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Note/Parviz Karami
Dawn of technology in the sky of economy of resistance

In a note written by the advisor to the President of the National Elite Foundation, we read: now we are on the verge of spring of science and technology. All of Iran's players in the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship understand its impact. The technological breakthrough is unfolding in the skies of the economy of resistance.

Parviz Karami

It is always darkest before the dawn. The hardest part of weight lifting is lifting the weight a few centimeters above head. Problems introduce comforts. This is what the universe has taught us. The beauty of spring is due to hardship in winter.


Today, we are on the verge of spring of science and technology. All players of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem smell the Nowruz in Iran. The technology dawn is emerging in the spring of economy of resistance. More than 4600 knowledge-based companies are active in the country, and thousands of creative and innovative companies, startups, innovation centers, accelerators, venture capitals, and lately, innovation factories, have entered the field and their science and technology have been used. According to statistics, about 4400 services have been presented in the export corridor and 300,000 direct jobs and 100,000,000 billion Tomans turnover are related to this sector. These numbers are indicative of a phenomenon.


Various government and science departments have been working to advance the goals of the day-to-day knowledge economy for many years. These days, they feel like those who have a very heavy, record-breaking weight and now want to hit a second hit. More than six thousand startups are active in various technology and service fields and have generated revenues. It has been a while since the service phase has moved into the second generation of product-centric startups, and in the industrial and high-tech sectors, startups are booming one by one. These activities occur when unfair and jealous governments have put pressure on us from outside and have created sanctions against our country. The process of cutting off oil dependence and getting rid of crude and giving birth to reliance on human knowledge and capital has begun.


We have heard a lot that anyone traveling from Iran to the People's Republic of China has traveled to import, process and facilitate the entry of Chinese goods. Many, however, believe that the Chinese, now economically and technologically second in the world, will abandon their shameless products to the Iranians and destroy our domestic production as cheaply as possible. Some of these claims are true and some are not. However, if say in the street that a high-ranking scientific delegation traveled to China with 70 knowledge-based companies to facilitate the export of high-tech Iranian products to this country, no one will believe us. There may even be a space for ridicule and humor. However, this is true. The vice president for science and technology affairs traveled to China along with a group of experts and 70 knowledge-based companies. There, the delegation participated in several major science and technology fairs and introduced its Iranian-made products to the Chinese. A number of cooperation agreements have been signed to export Iranian products to China, and there are other pleasurable developments that, depending on the extent of the story, I suggest that you refer to the news that the media has released.


Due to the changing discourse on the economy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is shifting from traditional oil and economics to the development of a knowledge-based economy, the new business environment and the entrepreneurial field have undergone dramatic and promising developments with the expansion of the innovation and technology ecosystem. We know that the Islamic Republic of Iran's global rank in science production has risen from 34th to 16th, which is a sign of pride. As the world grows fast at expanding the frontiers of knowledge and pushing technology to the farthest reaches, an 18-step improvement and being among the top 20 countries in the world requires a national celebration.


Now look at these statistics: “the result of Iran's knowledge-based economy development policies is that Iran's knowledge-based economy has grown to over $ 11 billion, driven by the activity of nearly 4700 knowledge-based companies and more than 500 creative and innovative companies.” The radiance of dawn can be observed in these statistics. The heavy weight is taken off the shoulders of players of the innovation ecosystem. Today, no power can hide the improvements in the knowledge-based economy of Iran. Today, people in the region, including Russia and Turkey, are being treated with Iranian anti-cancer biotechnology drugs and inflammatory diseases. This is a great honor for us. There are companies in Iran that have managed to cure five incurable diseases through stem cells. This is a remarkable achievement in the West Asian region.

On the other hand, the Vice-Presidency has been able to establish five joint technology centers for Iran and China in different parts of China in various fields. These centers aim to provide the cooperation area for Iranian and Chinese knowledge-based companies. Please note that we are talking about technological cooperation with a country that has the second rank of the world in terms of technology and economics.



In the recent travel of a science and technology high-ranking delegation to China, the writer accompanied the delegation. In total, 70 knowledge-based companies accompanied us from Iran, each presenting an Iranian knowledge-based product to the Chinese. Please note that 100 per each 1000 research projects are turned into scientific and technological achievements. From these 100 projects, 10 products are commercialized and entered into the market. From these 10 products, one product has the ability to be exported. Do see the big work done here? It is interesting that these export-ready products are just a part of achievements of Iranian technologists and researchers. That is, we are so rich in science and technology that we can offer such amazing achievements to the world. However, what stands out in this debate is that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always strived to engage with others in an open approach to its scientific and technological achievements and to use innovation as a tool to support the transition of societies to prosperity. This is the practice we, the Muslim Iranians, have learned centuries ago, the golden age of science. At the time, thanks to the enlightenment of Islam, great scholars made history and what they have done for humanity is still efficient. Therefore, the close and continuous cooperation of Iranian knowledge companies with Chinese companies and other important international companies can meet the needs of many people in the world and make the economic conditions clean and safe.


The curse of resources has been lifted with the sacrifice of players of the innovation and technology ecosystem. With the help of millions of students, thousands of PhD and engineering graduates in various fields, thousands of startups and tech startups in numerous science and technology parks, Iran has crushed the white petroleum demon. There is no doubt; our beloved Iran, relying on its long and brilliant culture and history, has much to say. Now and with the efforts of different segments of society, the awareness and vision of our abilities and possessions have been raised and we should seize the opportunity to completely free ourselves from the embarrassment and labeling of child molestation and make ourselves proud in today's fast-paced world. Opportunities are always there, but from that opportunity to the next, it is unclear how much time we have to wait and how much time we have to spend. Now is the time to take advantage of the environment that has provided us with the ecosystem of innovation and technology. It is enough to sharpen our ears and hear the message of hope that has come in time.

Advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs and the secretary of knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter

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