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The Vice President for the National Elites Foundation:
Shahid Ahmadi Roshan has guided elites toward the primary needs of the country.

Pointing out the implementation of Shahid Ahmadi Roshan Project, Saadat mentioned: students will be engaged in the challenges of the country in addition to receiving financial and spiritual support.

According to the information center of national elites foundation, Mahmoud Saadat Foumani, the vice president for the national elites foundation, pointed out the topic of Shahid Ahmadi Roshan Project in a meeting held for the managers in the academic industry, research centers and higher education centers of the country entitled “university participation plan and scientific centers in the use of provincial advantages and production leaps”, stating: to date, four rounds of the project have been implemented and its fifth round will be held in October.

He mentioned that this plan was implemented in the first and second periods to solve the administrative problems only in Tehran province with the presence of 20 executive teams. In this regard, he added: from the third round of the project, other provinces of the country participated in it, as in the fourth period, 12 provinces participate in the event.

According to Saadat, the main responsibility of the national elites foundation is recognizing, empowering, and supporting top talents and laying the foundation for their influence in the society.

The vice president for the national elites foundation continued: providing facilities to gifted students in exchange for fulfilling the obligations that enable students to be effective in the field of specialization, among other changes, is the change in the method of supporting talented students. Providing assistantship allowances, such as participation in and performing research projects, as well as focus and demand-oriented priorities, is another support that the national elites foundation provides to gifted students.

The national elites foundation has pointed out the implementation of Shahid Ahmadi Roshan Project, asserting: students will learn about the country’s challenges with this project since they will form 5-15-member teams and will take effective steps toward solving the country’s challenges in nine months.

He affirmed: the project is partially supported by the national elites foundation and another part is provided by the ordering organizations.

In the end, Saadat pointed out signing a memorandum of understanding with the ministry of science, declaring: the National Elite Foundation is trying to provide a platform for their simultaneous education to pave the way for the impact of higher talents, especially from the target audience of prospective students, while emphasizing on driving them to solve the country's challenges.

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