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Sattari on “Titr Emshab” TV Program:
Iran is among the last ten countries in terms of global emigration

Iran is among the last ten countries in terms of global emigration

The vice president for science and technology affairs stated: Iran is recognized as the last 10 countries in terms of emigration due to the establishment of an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

According to the information center of national elites foundation,Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, pointed out the formation of a development approach in the country toward knowledge-based businesses and startups during his interview on the TV program of “Titr Emshab”, expressing: in order to pass resource-based economy and move toward progression, we need to achieve an economy based on knowledge, creativity and innovation of young and educated workforce, who can transform the inefficient and worn out structures and approaches, especially in the area of economy and culture of entrepreneurship.

Sattari continued: oil has provided many benefits for Iran but has also betrayed the culture of Iran, such as government employment, which has denied the innovation in youth. Innovation has no limitation and can create wealth by relying on the motivation and self-confidence of the educated youth.

The vice president for science and technology stated: most of our problems are rooted in our culture since people must first believe in the youth and invest in their thoughts and creativity.

According to Sattari, young entrepreneurs are like soldiers who fight against the faulty culture of economy based on underground resources and promotion of the culture of knowledge-based economy with the development of startups and knowledge-based businesses.

Change in the Trend of Elite Emigration

President of the national elites foundation pointed out that Iran is not among the first countries in terms of emigration of elites and students, adding: many beliefs and statistics toward the emigration of elites and students have been reverses and the trend of returning elites to the country for establishing knowledge-based businesses and startups has improved.

He mentioned that a considerable number of elites, Olympiad participants, and top university entrance exam individuals continue their path of innovation and creativity in knowledge-based companies and startups worth billions. In this regard, he expressed: currently, Iran is not among the countries with high emigration rates and many of the top talents and elites are active in knowledge-based companies and startups of Iran.

Sattari identified the nature of startups to be growing slowly and in short time, conveying: due to this feature, Iranian startups have experienced a considerable growth, especially in areas of service provision based on information and communication technology. These companies provide accessible, high-quality and cost-effective services.

The vice president for science and technology affairs pointed out the increasing growth of science in the country after the Islamic revolution and leap of the country in production of science, stating: the scientific level of Iran has had a significant growth, in a way that we are ranked 15th in the world regarding scientific article production.

Sattari emphasized the necessity of localization and adaptation of curriculums in universities and research and science centers in line with the requirements, conditions and capacities of the country. In this regard, he affirmed: given the fact that university was an exported phenomenon in Iran before the Islamic revolution, curriculums, resources and structures of universities have not been localized. Therefore, universities have failed to interact with the industry. However, there has been significant leaps in this regard over the past few years.

Necessity of Simultaneous Qualitative and Quantitative Growth in Science and Technology

Sattari regarded the simultaneous qualitative and quantitative growth of the country to be necessary for development of knowledge-based economy, stating: Iran has a significant quantitative growth in the area of science production. For instance, Iran is the fourth country of the world in terms of production of scientific articles in nanotechnology area. In addition, Iran is among the best countries with high number of graduates in fields of technical, engineering and basic science with having 4.7 million students. However, the qualitative advancement must be taken into consideration as well.

President of the knowledge-based economy, technology and science development headquarter stated that establishment of a proper entrepreneurship ecosystem is the solution for development of applicable studies and knowledge-based companies and startups, adding: the proper ecosystem of knowledge-based businesses leads to the formation of studies based on needs of people through changing their attitudes toward the economy. In fact, knowledge-based economy is realized only through the establishment of the mentioned ecosystem. In this regard, research will be conducted based on the social needs and universities play their role in occupation and advancement.

He continued: our educational system is equivalent to American universities despite a few shortages. One of the current problems of America is the return of Iranian elites to their country.

Sattari regarded the importance of the private sector in progress of commercial and applicable research, affirming: the advancement and effect of research on life of people are observed due to the presence of the private sector in this area since research that is created by government money will have no significant results. Therefore, the final product will not be approved by society members.

The vice president for science and technology affairs mentioned the proper infrastructures for activities of knowledge-based businesses to adhere to the support law of these companies, adding: more than 120 services are provided for knowledge-based companies. However, the most important issue is support of and confidence in the youth, which must be institutionalize in the country.

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