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The Key to Freedom
On the occasion of opening the Azadi Innovation Factory

*Parviz Karami

It was discovered at the end of the Qajar Dynasty. The same time those oilrigs were created. It became more highlighted over time.

*Parviz Karami

It was discovered at the end of the Qajar Dynasty. The same time those oilrigs were created. It became more highlighted over time.

We were happy. We would sell the oil and earn revenues. We were unaware of our lack of knowledge.

Many years passed, nearly 100 years. On December 14th, 2011, there was a serious flip to return. To return from the mistake of reliance on oil. The senate of the United States established hard sanctions against Iran. Their target was the central bank, which complicated access to revenues generated by selling oil.

Then, we realized the depth of problem. The oil-based economy could no longer work. Anticipations were indicative of economic collapse of Iran. Nevertheless, we did not give up. We found the key to freedom; freedom from reliance. Our solution to change the economy was establishing an innovation and technology ecosystem in the country.

Therefore, a pleasant concern took the place of oil and crude selling. We increased activities to form this ecosystem. In this area, the top talents and innovators helped us with their creative ideas. Every year, we took another step toward success.

However, different players are active in this area, such as universities, science and technology parks, growth centers, accelerators, venture capitals, knowledge-based companies, innovation factories, and startups. All of these work together to accelerate the pace of wealth creation from ideas. There are many ideas. However, they need support to grow. The innovation factories and accelerators working in this ecosystem aim to accelerate the pace of producing technological products. Their work is to support new businesses, which leads to technological advancement.

Currently, there are more than 100 accelerators working in different areas such as content production, biotechnology, nanotechnology, water and energy, ICT and aerospace. These centers guide the development and commercialization of innovative ideas. If a suitable idea is presented, a work space will be given to its team. This space is filled with creativity and sheds light on the future path. In addition, instructors with successful experiences are used to train and nurture businesses. Expert consultants who help organize and reinforce the idea have brightened the path so that their experience will be the key to the success of these new businesses.

However, connecting with the vast network of investors and craftsmen is the work of innovation factories and other accelerators to rapidly reach the technological product to provide the start-up capital for emerging businesses. They are introduced to venture capitals, and the investment made will increase focus on production of a product. The path is paved with power and they become companies that have a value of more than 10 billion tomans. Therefore, a suitable model of production culture is observed in this space.

Yes, this ecosystem is being created at the highest speed possible. Today, we are closer to our target. While sanctions become harder day by day, we have reached a point where the oil share in the country’s budget has decreased by 15%, which is mostly due to reliance on creative minds of the revolutionary and hopeful youth. This is a long path but we must fight for complete freedom from this reliance.

*Advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs and secretary of the knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter.


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