Tuesday 18 January 2022




Parviz karami


Media adviser for the head of National Elites Foundation


Email : parvizkarami@yahoo.com


Executive and administrative records:


  • Deputy Manager of Educational and Cultural in National Youth Organization
  • Advisor of minister and general director in Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
  • Executive Advisor to the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance
  • Member of Staff Council in development of soft technologies and identity assistance in Science and Technology of president
  • Member of the Council of National Elite Foundation
  • Advisor of Minister and general director of Public and International Relationships in Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
  • Assistant of advertising and publications of the institute for Published works of the Supreme Leader
  • Advisor of President and Director of Public Relations and Cultural Organization of Tehran Municipality
  • Advisor to the Chairman of the National Elites Foundation and head of Public relations and Information Center of National Elites Foundation
  • Director of Public Relations of the Oppressed and Veterans Foundation of Islamic Revolution (Department of Veterans)
  • Assembly member and chairman of tourism association and car racing of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Special and authoritative representative for the minister of culture and Islamic guidance on anti-drug campaign
  • Authoritative representative for the minister of culture and Islamic guidance in the campaign to combat smuggling


Media and press experiences:


  • Chief and editor in Javan Newspaper
  • chairman ( CEO) and editor of the Borna’s broadcasting
  • Vice chairman of Hamshahri newspaper and editor of Iranshahr
  • Council policy of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA)
  • Manager of Innovation and Technology Magazine
  • Manager for specialized magazine of Daneshbonyan
  • Editor and chairman of the policy council of the specialized monthly scientific and analytical news of the National Elites Foundation "Saramad"
  • Member of committee ranking of professional journalists
  • Manager of art news( Honar online)


Membership in Groups and Guilds:


  • The head of the Board of community of Iran Public Relations activists
  • Member of the board of experts in public relations
  • Board Member of the Association of Muslim Journalists
  • Commissioner of the Coordinating Council of the Islamic Development Plan
  • Member of Iran’s Society of Public Relations
  • General Secretary of the National Festival of Media, Science and Technology
  • Member of Policy making Council of Digital Media Festival (4 periods)
  • Member of the Association of Iranian Journalists





Job Description


  1. Investigation and study of the visual, auditory and written media news and domestic and foreign information websites, extracting the data related to the foundation and transmitting them to the president of the foundation and other relevant authorities and formulate possible answers based on consultation with the competent authorities.
  2. Coordination and arrangement of press conferences, and set the foundation's necessary interviews and release the news via written and electronic media.
  3. Investigation and analysis of the matters rose in the media and, if necessary, prepare a report and respond in cooperation with the relevant units.
  4. Formulation, planning, publication and distribution of Foundation publications such as books, newsletters, magazines, CD-ROMs, etc.
  5. Participation and supervision of the design, preparation and production of publications and periodic reports or sectional non-print of the Foundation and the media, such as painting a variety of graphs, etc.
  6. Preparation of advertising plans and programs and doing tasks related to rituals and active participation with the other units in the area of planning and implementation.
  7. Informing the public of the results of the Foundation's programs and activities through the dissemination of news and information in the media.

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