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Planning to explain the epistemological and philosophical system of the elite and a comprehensive system of ethics based on the values of Islam, Iran and the revolution,
Deepening and promoting religious values among pundits and the top talents with emphasis on the guidelines of the Supreme Leader in the educational, cultural and social areas,
Generating administrative policies and designing operational plannings based on the approaches of the strategic document of the country in elites’ affairs,
Supervising the Cultural Field’s affairs about the conformity and consistency of all programs and actions with the superior documents especially the strategic document of the country in elites’ affairs,
Providing the ground for using the capacity of provincial elite institutions in cultural designing and programs considering the local requirements,
Developing regulations and guidelines related to the Social and Cultural Field and recommending their approval to the competent authorities,
Developing the comprehensive cultural program of elites emanating from the approaches and governing principles of the strategic document of the country in elites’ affairs,
Developing strategies and drawing the cultural and social landscape and horizon of the Foundation,
Analyzing important social and cultural phenomena related to elite communities,
Enlightening public opinion and introducing the meaning of elite to the society and their role and impact particularly in the cultural and social areas,
Social networking in the field of cultural and social activities for the elites,
Monitoring and providing cultural and intellectual orientation on the publications produced by the Foundation,
Utilizing the capacity of elite community in situation analysis, solution choosing and designing innovative programs in various cultural fields,
Presenting programs developed by the Foundation in educational and cultural terms and presenting opinion to the competent authorities,
Selecting the titles of various Foundation awards in cooperation with other authorities,
Communicating with various institutions and agencies to advance deputy’s goals and evaluating their effectiveness,
Supervising the implementation of social and cultural procedures of the Foundation in the headquarters and provincial levels,
Appointment and dismissal of directors of subsidiary units of Cultural Department in coordination with the president of the Foundation,
Preparation of periodic or case reports on monitoring and evaluation of educational and cultural development programs of the Foundation,
Collaboration with other areas in order to create synergy and realization of the Foundation's missions.

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