Tuesday 18 January 2022



Job Description:

Classification of elite societies based on specialized and professional fields; Identifying needs and necessary areas for their cultural development through activities in accordance with professional fields and participate in every step of the elite way.
Designing effective and efficient mechanisms for continuous and dynamic communication with elite communities.
Plat for specialist, cultural and social consultations (Including advice on education, entrepreneurship, law, psychology, marriage, talent survey).
Enabling direct communication and networking with elites communities aimed at networking and identify their needs.
Applying scientific and rational methods to determine the needs and expectations of the elite community in social and cultural fields.
Performing cultural programs to promote national consciousness and a sense of attachment to the homeland and the spirit of self-esteem among the elite communities.
Planning and creating the necessary fields in order to increase the effectiveness of ideas, experiences and views of the country's elite.
Development and implementation of projects in the field survey to assess the level of success of the Foundation in achieving cultural goals.
Holding public and professional meetings between elite communities and relevant authorities.
Communication and cooperation with research centers, and intellectual and cultural institutes and institutions In order to explain the cultural discourse of elites.
Cooperation with the Office of the Presidency and Public Relations in the development of media programs in the field of the elites.
Perform other duties of the cultural deputy.

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