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National phone number to contact the National Elites Foundation: 09601

Phone : (+9821) 63478000

Office of Public Relations and Complaints : (+9821) 88910407-88623591

Secretariat Fax : (+9821) 66917166-66572961

Email to respond to the questions :

To contact the head of the National Elites Foundation and their deputies you can make a request in the online system to request meeting with the president of the Foundation ( Home Banner)


National Elites Foundation:

Zip Code: 93111-14578

No.209,adjacent to Tahernia St., Between Navab and Roodaki Ave. Azadi Ave. ,Tehran, Iran.

Respond and in person visiting unit ( the National Elites Foundation)

Zip Code: 68411-15988

No.17, Haghighat Talab St., Before Karimkhanezand St., Ostad Nejatollahi Ave, Tehran, Iran.

Tel No: (+9821) 88900511

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Address: No. 209 , between Navab Str and Roudaki Str. Azadi Str. Tehran - Iran Tel:+98 21 63478000