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Job Description:

Developing cultural programs for elite communities with the aim of achieving the objectives set out in the strategic document of the country in elite affairs.
Foreseeing and planning in various fields of elites’ social and cultural needs and providing solutions to their performance.
Pathology of the cultural activities in the field of elites’ societies.
Offering administrative policies and necessary procedures in the field of culture to the cultural deputy.
Planning for spiritual and cultural growth of elite societies and solving their cultural and social problems.
Monitoring the implementation of cultural activities and their evaluation.
Monitoring the cultural and social status of the elite and the top talents. preparing activity analysis reports and recommendations to develop strategies to improve their existing processes.
Coordination in the field of cultural affairs at the headquarters and provincial levels.
Coordination with the Office of Consultation and communication with the elite community for cultural and educational meetings.
Supervising the implementation of the province's cultural programs.
Reviewing and modification of the cultural planning process in order to achieve the objectives of the country’s strategic document for the elite affairs.
Planning and building regulatory mechanisms in the field Foundation publications.
Developing cultural programs for provincial elite institutions in cooperation with them.
Targeted cultural planning in the field of International elite Affairs in cooperation with the relevant field.
Preparation of periodic and annual reports on the progress of social and cultural activities of the Foundation.
Perform other duties of the cultural deputy.

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