Tuesday 18 January 2022




Foundation’s Board of Trustees

Legal Members for Board of Trustees

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Vice-President of Science and Technology and President of the National Elites Foundation


Vice President

Vice President and Head of the Program and Budget Organization

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance

Minister of Education

Minister of Science, Research and Technology

Minister of Health and Medical Education

Secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution

Chairman of the Education and Research Commission of the Islamic Parliament of Iran

President of Jahad University

Head of the Representation for the Supreme Leader in Universities

President of Islamic Azad University

Natural Members

Dr. Aminzadeh

Dr. Sohrabpur

Ayatollah Gharavi

Dr. Kabganian

Dr. Keynejad

Ayatollah Modarresi Yazdi

Dr. Malekzadeh

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