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Who are the contacts of International affairs department of National Elite Foundation?

Iranian PHD graduate from the world top universities*
Iranian prominent professors teaching in the world's top universities*
Iranian prominent experts and managers leading the world's scientific centers and top companies in the field of technology
None-resident Iranian successful investors and entrepreneurs

* based on the World top universities classification that is published annually by the "Times" magazine

Legally speaking, I should enlist for military service. How can I come to Iran?

The last communique of General Staff of Armed Forces regarding the accommodations related to specific exit permission by the end of 1395 (March 2017) has been announced as follows:

-According to the fact that the expiration age of enlistment in the Islamic Republic of Iran is 50, the non-resident Iranians who are older than 50 are exempt from military service.

-All enlistment candidate Iranians who are resident in other countries and have been stayed at least three years abroad can stay in Iran for three months up to 21 March 2017 with maximum of two times traveling to Iran per year.

-In exceptional cases enlistment candidate’s exit permission for the third time would be given based on the decree of a commission including representatives of the relevant organizations.

2. Performing research projects related to the armed forces and evaluation and approval of the project by the jury of the elite foundation of armed forces

* The regulation of military service accommodations by National Elite Foundation

What are the Elite National Foundation plans for making use of non-resident Iranian experts and scientists’ potentials?

Please see "Plans and Programs".

Is there any plan in National Elite Foundation for support and making use of the potentials of non-resident Iranian entrepreneurs and investors?

The National Foundation Elite is supporting non-resident successful Iranian entrepreneurs and investors in the field of science and technology who intend to have an economic activity and offer their experiences. Moreover, there are some accommodations such as facilitating the establishment of companies in science and technology parks and announcement of their benefits and services for such individuals.

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