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Job description

Planning for creation of appropriate legal, data and monitoring infrastructure for activities of elite communities,
Doing study and research for establishing suitable bases and information networks for the benefit of elites communities,
Designing circulation system of registration for elites communities,
Establishing appropriate systems for collecting and organizing documents related to activities of the Foundation,
Communicating with data centers, scientific communities and networks for the use of information sources required,
Designing secure systems to preserve, classify, archive and recover the elites’ data,
Developing statistical systems of elites’ communities and providing periodic and case reports,
Developing a monitoring system for the elites’ activities and providing periodic and case reports,
Providing periodic reports based on the required indicators of the Foundation and superior authorities,
Creating an archive of searchable documents produced by the Foundation and other institutions relevant to the topic of elites (Including laws, statutes, circulars, reports, research, performance, etc.),
Providing continuous access to scientific databases for utilization of different parts of the Foundation,
Developing applicable programs for using specialized electronic systems in various fields of the Foundation,
Preparation of statistical reports and publications about monitoring elite communities’ activities,
Assisting in Foundation’s planning through participation in councils, committees and other similar cases,
Coordination and cooperation with other managing parts of the Foundation,
Performing other duties of the deputy of Planning and Supervision.

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