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Specialized Commissions of Implementation Committee of Country’s Strategy Document in Elites’ Affairs

In order to implement immense document strategies these commissions are held in a focused and specialized form.

Chairman of the commissions is appointed by the head of the committee.

The duties of the chairman of the commissions are as follows:

Planning and designing mechanisms for the implementation of the national actions.
Prioritization, development of indicators and evaluation criteria for the fulfillment of the acts of the document.
Development of executive systems’ duties for every action to present to the head of the committee.
Coordination and synergy with the national executive systems in order to implement national measures.
Evaluation of programs and projects presented by the executive systems for the fulfillment of the actions.
Proposing budget for the implementation of the national measures.
Pursuing the implementation of approvals and national measures.
Development of indicators and monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the national actions in the state agencies.
Proposing the approval of the required rules and regulations for the implementation of measures to the director of Planning and Supervision.
Providing periodic reports on the latest actions in systems to implement the document.
Performing required studies for the implementation of national measures.

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