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Receiving imported letters; reviewing, summarizing and setting workbooks and presenting it to the president of the Foundation; supervising presidential secretariat tasks and follow orders of the President of the Foundation.
Interaction with staff and provincial departments and programs to advance the goals of the Foundation.
Organizing activities, division of labor, assign tasks and responsibilities and authority to the units under the supervision.
Planning and conducting meetings and appointments of the Foundation director with deputies, officers, employees, clients and audiences outside the Foundation.
Preparation of the agenda, summary of discussions and decisions and resolutions of notification and follow up to ensure results.
Follow matters referred by the Chairman of the Foundation, following correspondences and letters issued for obtaining a result of executing the command.
Setting daily and weekly programs for Foundation president such as gatherings, appointments, meetings, visits, trips and missions and performing administrative tasks related to them with coordination with the relevant units.
Coordination and planning for president of the Foundation’s convenes such as standing Commission of trustees, council deputies, council leaders and prepare required reports and documentation.
Developing indicators and evaluation guidelines and monitoring activities in the areas of performance in accordance with approved policies and strategies to present to competent authorities.
Evaluating the Foundation activities within the approved criteria.
Analyzing the results of the evaluation and monitoring of areas and compliance with standards, legislation and regulations to present to competent authorities.
Adopting appropriate methods to get suggestions and complaints of individuals and entities and pursuing them to achieve the final result, and respond to them with the cooperation of the concerned units.
Evaluate the performance of different units in operation.
Dispatch inspector or inspection team for assessment and periodic or case monitoring in order to provide reports to the existing failings and weaknesses.
Planning, coordination and conducting the president of the Foundation’s procedures.

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