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Job Description:

Modeling of the academic and seminary elite and from other areas in the community.
Administrating policies adopted for modeling the elite in society and offer them to the competent authorities.
Platting to venerate the elite in different methods commensurate with their status in collaboration with relevant unites.
Cooperation with counseling and communication offices to provide various programs and information to model and reverence the elite.
Working with the Office of cultural programming for synergies and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of tasks.
Interactions with country’s executive agencies to engage in purposeful management of elite circulation and the maximum utilization of the power of elite community and management of changes in the national and international levels.
Planning for recording and storing the biography, experiences and ways of conduct of the elite in the course of the progress in order to provide a practical and moral elite modeling.
Plot forms for presenting the achievements of the elite in a rich and lasting manner with cooperation with other authorities.
Introducing various awards to honor leaders in various fields, in coordination with other relevant authorities.
Perform other duties of the deputy of culture.

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