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Job Description

Forecasting, procurement and use of human resources required through employment, absorption, transporting and transferring them compliance with employment regulations,
Planning and implementation of administrative matters, manpower, and statistical-data supporting in the framework of approved policies,
Implementation of the job evaluation scheme and administrative and employment guidelines,
Promoting the implementation of the general policies of the administrative system and reviewing and implementing its related decisions,
Planning and supervising the performance of employees’ welfare schemes in order to enhance their spirit of work and quality of life (in the form of cash and non-cash contributions, health and medical, sports, cultural, educational, …),
Performing tasks related to human resources such as: preparing and issuing salaries and benefits orders, appointments, promotions, transfers, dismissals, suspensions, vacations, excuses, matters relating to the implementation of retirement, establishing pension, work and income,
Conducting preliminary investigation of violations of employees and executing rulings issued by the competent authorities,
The preservation of documents, administrative correspondences, and personnel records,
Planning and acting to provide required support services of the units,
Planning for the provision of goods and services required by various units of the Foundation and monitoring their procurement,
Monitoring the process of purchasing goods or services compliance with laws and regulations and preparation and adjustment of legal documents,
Determining programs for support and services staff during or outside office hours,
Planning and acting to preserve, maintain, equip and upgrade the physical facilities of the Foundation and supplying required items under the relevant licenses and compliance with laws and regulations,
Planning and providing vehicles required by units and their maintenance,
Supporting the electronic and computer systems of the Foundation in order to achieve e-government,
Creating the Foundation’s database in the mechanized form in order to avoid wasting time and duplication,
Monitoring designing and computer programming and transferring networked policies of the Foundation to unites and provincial foundations,
Identifying weaknesses in existing computer systems and preparing a report with a solution to the competent authorities,

Preparation and setting statistical reports and publishing them in collaboration with the Office of the Presidency.

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