Tuesday 18 January 2022



  1. Investigating and determining the mechanisms of effectiveness and role-playing of elites in the social, cultural and economic endeavors of the country;
  2. Preparation and regulation of effective development programs and effective presence of elites in various fields and cooperation in their implementation and proper leadership in relevant authorities and agencies;
  3. Assess the impact and effectiveness of programs and measures aimed at elites to align with the goals and results in the use and management of the policies, programs, targets and related mechanisms;
  4. Interacting and cooperating with authorities, institutions and organizations or relevant units in order to achieve the goals of the foundation regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of the elites;
  5. Interaction with the executive agencies related to short and long -term planning for the empowerment of individuals and groups of elite-capable products and services;
  6. Establishing appropriate mechanisms for networking top talents in order to form a specialized elite core;
  7. Preparing the groundwork for the advantage of elites in technical-vocational institutions through incentives and financial mechanisms;


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