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Job Description

Performing all the financial affairs in accordance with the laws and regulations,
Financial monitoring and supervising proper use of funds in accordance with the laws and regulations,
Maintenance of accounts, regulating financial documents and supervising the preservation of documents, files and financial records and properties of the Foundation,
Maintenance, protection, preservation and delivery of funds, cash, deposits and securities,
Receiving government’s assistance and general and special revenue of the Foundation, issuing payment requests within the approved credits and pursuing of obtaining funds from the competent authorities,
Preparation of balance sheets, setting data and financial performance reports in various cases, including receipts, payments, credits and liabilities,
Registering pension deductions and providing and savings reports on these funds for taking necessary decisions,
Collecting Foundation’s debts and referring irrecoverable cases for legal pursuit,
Storing information and statistics relating to financial accounts and analyzing them to determine the required parameters,
Participation in bid commissions and bid leaves,
Receiving guarantees from contractors based on signed contracts,
Issuing payment request within the approved credits,
Doing tasks related to the opening of bank accounts required by the Foundation,
Performing other duties of the deputy of Development of Management and Resources.

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