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Job Description

Developing operating procedures to improve and accelerate the legal affairs of the Foundation and proposed legal policies,
Investigation and proposing legal opinion about the bills, plans and regulations relating to the duties of the Foundation,
Reviewing and evaluating uncertainties and inquiries regarding corporate headquarters and provincial units,
Commenting on the rules and operating procedures and offering them to the authorities from the legal aspects,
Bringing lawsuit in competent legal, administrative and employment authorities against individual and legal entities and preparing defense bills for claims with the Foundation on their side,
Creating a database of laws, regulations and judicial authorities’ votes relevant to the Foundation and updating them,
Responding to regulatory inquiries and correspondences (Inspection of the Entire Country, General Accounting Office, etc.) in coordination with the relevant units,
Legal pursuit and acquisition of lands needed for the Foundation,
Reviewing and proposing legal opinion about the types of arrangements, agreements and contracts of the Foundation with individuals and legal entities,
Communicating with Islamic Consultative Assembly in order to follow proposals and legislations relating to the field of elites and other relevant matters with the Foundation in the view of a superior officer,
Cooperation with the Legal Deputy of Presidency, executive agencies, committees and parliamentary factions in expurgate draft of bills and plans submitted to Parliament with the participation of the concerned domains,
Checking out courtyard plans and commissions of Islamic Consultative Assembly to secure coordination for the presence of Foundation officials in relevant meetings,
Receiving and following letters, complaints, suggestions, and requests of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Supreme Audit Court, Investigation Board, and implementing governmental approvals and Court of Administrative Justice and ..., about the activities of different parts of the Foundation,
Tracking and following bills, the draft decrees and regulations in parliamentary commissions to the stage of approval and notification and observing representatives’ negotiations in the field of the Foundation’s activities,
Cooperation in the preparation of legislations related to the activities of the Foundation (The proposed bill regarding development program, annual budget bills, etc.) and related regulations,
Cooperation and constant contact with the Deputy of Assembly concerns of the President and their counterparts in other ministries and executive agencies for following and implementing the notices,
Performing other duties of the superior officer.

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