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Job Description

Developing short, medium and long-term plans of the Foundation in the areas of Deputy’s activities,
Formulating proposed annual budget of the Foundation based on the programs and interacting with the Organization of Management and Planning and developing agreements,
Formulating the detailed annual budget of the Foundation and its amendments according to the Foundation’s programs,
Comprising plans, frameworks and models in the form of draft legislations, regulations and their amendments within five-year developmental regulations and the annual budget,
Planning and observing activities in order to effective and efficient allocation of resources and modulating and coordinating the proposed budget of units with the policy and goals of the Foundation in the form of budgetary plans,
Monitoring the compliance of the Foundation's activities with the objectives of the superior documents and the country’s five-year developmental plans,
Tracking the allocation of budget and preparing monthly and annual reports on the received distributions,
Providing and allocating funds according to the approved programs in line with the regulations, providing periodic reports on the credit allocation to the program or organizational units of the Foundation and the progress of projects and programs,
Preparing annual reports on the executive and educational matters of the Deputy,
Collecting, compiling and maintaining statistical information of the Foundation and planning to establish a database for the benefit and provision of updated information,
Planning, management and implementation of a comprehensive system of statistics to evaluate the performance and productivity and preparing performance reports of the Foundation,
Studying and implementation of development programs and improving the efficiency and productivity of the systems of quality management, performance management cycle and the like.
Interacting with the Management and Planning Organization and other administrative agencies,
Supervising the implementation of regulations, circulars, guidelines, systems and methods of working, structure of human resources, organizational structure and reflecting barriers to implementation of laws and regulations to the relevant principles,
Planning for the improvement of knowledge and skills of employees and managers within the framework of a comprehensive program of human resources,
Planning, employing and continuous evaluation of the training courses to measure the effectiveness of programs and their compliance with a comprehensive program of human resources,
Following matters related to the elites in the executive agencies and doing necessary measures for the implementation of the privileges of the approved regulations in the executive agencies,
Revision and reform in the structure of the Foundation in accordance with the needs, requirements and environmental changes, through evaluation and continuous study, preparation and setting goals, task descriptions and the like,
Continuous investigation of the duties of organizational units of the Foundation in order to provide recommendations for accurate separation and division of tasks between organizational units and the elimination of parallel repetition and overlapping functions and removing institutional obstacles and failures,
Developing task descriptions for units and organizational positions and supervising the implementation of them,
Reengineering organizational processes and tasks in order to rationalize and implement activities with the missions and goals of the Foundation,
Monitoring the process and work methods, eliminate formalities, simplifying and accelerating the phases of the activities,
Continuous monitoring of workflow processes and methods in order to improve the systems, processes and work methods,
Planning and developing a performance evaluation system and acting for implementing guidelines,
Monitoring the development of projects and infrastructure schemes of the Foundation,
Monitoring development programs, maintenance and construction of necessary buildings for the Foundation.
Monitoring the performance of property and capital plans in order to conform to the goals and policies of the Foundation.

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