Tuesday 18 January 2022



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As non-resident Iranian elites and top talents have wide applications and various scientific and professional expertise and experience in different levels, it is obvious that development of single plan and program cannot meet the needs of all these people. In this regard and after qualitative and quantitative studies of non-resident Iranian elite communities and investigation of the needs and the challenges ahead, application of the approach of increasing the traffic of non-resident Iranian's brain spin as well as making use of them in developing of the capacity of the national science and technology infrastructures, non-resident experts and Iranian scientists were divided into the following four general groups:

Iranian PHD graduates from the world top universities
Iranian prominent professors teaching in the world's top universities
Iranian prominent experts and managers leading the world's scientific centers and top companies in the field of technology
None-resident Iranian successful investors and entrepreneurs in the field of technology
This department is going to offer distinctive plans for the each of the above groups according to their exclusive characteristics.

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