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Formulating administrative policies, rules and regulations to fulfill the Foundation’s missions and recommending its approval to the competent authorities,
Developing foundation’s massive programs to implement the country’s strategic document in elites’ affairs in coordination with its executive committee,
Planning for the implementation and monitoring of the decisions of trustees and president of the Foundation at the national, institutional, regional and local levels,
Explaining the principles and policy approaches of the Foundation in the executive agencies and provinces of the country,
Research and study in the areas of mission of the Foundation to use the latest scientific approaches in the Foundation’s massive programs,
Management of designing system of administrative processes of the approvals of regulatory authorities in the Foundation,
Planning for guidance and empowerment of the owners of top talent in various fields of elites’ activities,
Developing assess criteria of the elites’ activities at the national, institutional, regional and local levels,
Evaluation of policies, programs and activities of the Foundation and reporting their strengths and weaknesses to reform policies and programs,
Identifying and interacting with communities, agencies and national and international institutions in the fields of Foundation’s missions,
Reflecting barriers to the implementation of policies, laws, rules and regulations and planning for their solution,
Ensuring coordination between the headquarters and the provincial institutions to fulfill the Foundation’s massive programs and policies,
Creating appropriate legal, informational and monitoring infrastructure in various fields of elites’ activities,
Compiling reports on the effects of policies and programs developed by the Foundation at the national, institutional, regional and local levels, to submit to the authorities,
Collaboration with other areas of the Foundation to create synergy and fulfillment of the Foundation’s missions,
Participation in councils, commissions, meetings and commenting in the framework of regulations and preserving the foundation’s interests,
Holding councils, commissions, specialized committees, etc. to perform the duties of the deputy,
Proposing the appointment and dismissal of the deputy district executives to the chief of the Foundation.

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