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Parviz Karami

The Vice President for Science and Technology Adviser

And Head of Public Relations and Information

E-mail: parvizkarami@yahoo.com


Operational fields:

- Promotion of science and technology (headquarters)

- Relations and informing

- Propaganda and cultural affairs

- Publications and documentation

- Ceremonies

- Polling and relations with people

- Research and planning


a) Creating mental and information ground for the optimized implementation of the scientific and technological department of presidential office's policies and plans

b) Introducing the plans and activities of the scientific and technological department of presidential office at two general and private levels (whole the society and the decision-making body, thinkers and experts in the scientific and technological fields)

c) Providing cultural and propaganda ground for the better implementation of the policies and plans of the scientific and technological department of presidential office

d) Helping the generalization of the "Dialogue of Science and Technology Progress" in the society.

Description of duties:

Investigation and study of the visual, auditory and written media news and domestic and foreign information websites, extracting the data related to the foundation and transmitting them to the president of the foundation and other relevant authorities and formulate possible answers based on consultation with the competent authorities.
Coordination and arrangement of press conferences, and set the foundation's necessary interviews and release the news via written and electronic media.
Investigation and analysis of the matters rose in the media and, if necessary, prepare a report and respond in cooperation with the relevant units.
Formulation, planning, publication and distribution of Foundation publications such as books, newsletters, magazines, CD-ROMs, etc.
Participation and supervision of the design, preparation and production of publications and periodic reports or sectional non-print of the Foundation and the media, such as painting a variety of graphs, etc.
Preparation of advertising plans and programs and doing tasks related to rituals and active participation with the other units in the area of planning and implementation.
Informing the public of the results of the Foundation's programs and activities through the dissemination of news and information in the media.

Contact PR:

Phone : (+9821) 63478519 and 83532102 and 3

Fax : (+9821) 63478515 and 88612403

Zip Code : 93111-14578

Address : No.209,adjacent to Tahernia St., Between Navab and Roodaki Ave. Azadi Ave. ,Tehran, Iran.

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