Tuesday 18 January 2022




Supervision Office for Document Execution

  1. Carrying out the affairs of the secretariats for the Executive Coordination Council, document implementation and following up until the result of the relevant decisions and approvals
  2. Design a mechanism to achieve the goals of the document
  3. Preparation and adjustment of executive policies, indicators, standards and rules and regulations necessary for the implementation of document national actions in cooperation with the relevant departments
  4. Interaction and cooperation with the Foundation's deputies and other executivess to implement the national actions of the document
  5. Combining and preparing the results of the deputies' programsin the matter of adapting the operational plans for the country's executive organs regarding the implementation of paragraph c of Article 64 in the Sixth Development Plan Law and submitting a documented report to the council.
  6. Preparing an annual report on the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation process in the document and submitting a report to the Coordinating Council
  7. Promotion and discourse building of the document with the cooperation and coordination of the relevant deputies
  8. Prepare, compile, regulate and propose the legal and regulatory requirements required for the implementation of the document

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